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~WELCOME Artists~


The djdoodle craft community is now seeking new Graphic Artists to join Us and create web sets that may be used on websites created with our DIY Website Builder and DIY Mini-shoppes. You would be creating graphics only, not setting up HTML, templates or websites, so that would give you the chance to do what you do Best!

djdoodle's Online Graphics Catalog offers these Artists Features:
1) Our website will display your 150x150 graphic linked to your website.
2) Our website will also list a description of your business services up to 1000 characters long.
3) Our website will also posting of a graphic banner linked to your website.
(Please Note: banner not to exceed 500 pix in length or 200 pixels in height.)
4) Optional, service: Posting of three (3) 150x150 thumbnail graphic examples of web sets you have created, which will be linked to your website.

Style of Graphics:
We have a very eclectic group of clientelle, ranging from country, primitive, and extreme primitives, to whimsical, victorian, scrapbook, and modern. We also have a few non-craft clients as well who may be looking for more formal or specific types of art. All Websets must be OOAK, original art and sold only once. If you are not using your original artwork and are an affiliate or member of another artist's group, then you must have permission to use the graphics from that artist and you will also need to include a note with the web set design information.

Size of Graphics:
The sizing of graphics for our DIY Mini Shoppes is static and will always be the same. However, since we have about 50 website templates for our DIY Website Builder, there will be some flexibility, although we do find that many of our clients seem to favor a specific style and a few specific templates, making the graphic sizes pretty well uniform. More information will be provided on this should you decide to join us.

Price of Graphics:
Although we look for our clients to be able to find affordable graphics for their websites, the pricing of graphics is totally at your discretion. We have found in the past, that the more affordable designs are, the more popular they seem to be.

Sale of Graphics:
There will be no actual sale of graphics through our website. All sales will be completely yours, through your website and through your own merchant or paypal account. This will allow you to have complete control of your inventory and to actually have 100% of the revenue from your sales. The total monetary transaction will be between you and our client, and this will negate our having to send tax forms to you, as you will manage and receive all revenue of all sales on your own. This will also help increase traffic to your site, as our clients may find other graphics they like on your site which are not specifically designed for our website builders, and they may ask you for custom designs, or other graphics as well.

Artist Requirements:
In order to join our group of Artists, you will need to do the following:
1) Post a link to our Online Graphics Catalog on the main page or home page of your website.
2) Post a link to both of our DIY website builders, and/or in any area where you display artwork created for DIY customers.
3) You must agree to contact our client to confirm the sale and obtain customization information within 1-2 business days of receiving payment for the web set and to conduct all sales with our clients in a courteous and professional manner.
4) You must agree to provide the fully-customized web set to our client within 5 business days of the date of the sale, or within 5 business days of the date that our client provides the customization information to you, as we realize oftentimes it takes a few days to exchange emails and obtain the information from the client.
5) We do not require exclusivity of any Artists that Joins Online Graphics Catalog, however, we do require posting of reciprocal links as noted above, and we would greatly appreciate an exclusive page on your website for our clients, to make it easier for them to find what they are looking for.
6) We require 30 days notice of cancellation in writing by email to

If all of the above terms sound wonderful and you would like to Join Us, here's how to go about doing so!

Join Us:
1) Artists are requested to provide a URL to their website so we may visit and review your work (unless you have already received a personal invitation from us).
2) Artists are requested to provide 1-2 business references from customers who have made graphic purchases from you.
3) Artists must provide a working email address for us to contact you, without having to use the contact form/page on your website. We would also appreciate having your snail mail address and phone number in case of emergency, which will remain 100% private and will never be given out to any of our clients.

Thank you very much and we'll look forward to hearing from you!

DJ and Staff
djdoodle LLC

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